PKJS-UI projects/research include:

  1. Making Health Financing Work for the Poor: An Evaluation of Equity in Health Systems Financing in Indonesia, with University of New South Wales and London School of Health and Tropical Medicine (ongoing)
  2. Private Sector Assessment (Collaboration with PPJK Kemenkes and USAID-HFA Indonesia) (ongoing)
  3. White Paper on “Personalizing Treatment to ALK+ NSCLC Patients and The Healthcare System” (2021)
  4. White Paper on “The Deadliest Cancer in Indonesia: How Far Have We Overcome and What Can We Do?” (2021)
  5. Study on Access on Unmet Medical Needs: How to Make Innovative Medicines Accessible? (2020)
  6. Health Protocol in Strengthening Governance in Health Emergency Response: Collaboration with Bappenas RI and GIZ-SPP Indonesia (2020)
  7. Tackling Smoking among Children: Price and Peer Effects in Indonesia (2020)
  8. A Qualitative Study on The Life of Tobacco Farmers in Lombok Tengah, Pamekasan, and Kendal amid Tobacco Control Program (2020)
  9. Study on Advancing Sustainable Development Goals through Increasing Tobacco Excise Tax and Responding to The Emergence of E-Cigarettes (2020)
  10. Policy Brief: Tobacco Control as Acceleration of Indonesia’s SDGs (2020)
  11. Smoking Behavior and Its Impact on Quality of Life in Families of Social Assistance Recipients (2019)
  12. Parental Smoking Behavior and Its Impact On Stunting and Child Development. (2019)
  13. Roadmap for Controlling Cigarette Spending from the Social Assistance Fund (2019)
  14. Social Assistance, Smoking Behavior, and Socioeconomic Indicators in Indonesia (2019)
  15. Policy Brief: Policy on the Increasing and Simplification of Tobacco Excise to Excellent Human Resources (2019)
  16. Study on the Effectiveness of the Coordination of Benefit Program in 2018 (2018)
  17. Public Support for the Cigarette Haram Fatwa (2018)
  18. Public Support for the Increase in Cigarette Excise for JKN Funding (2018)
  19. Public Support for the Cigarette Price Increase (2018)
  20. Parental Smoking Behavior and Its Impact on Stunting, Intelligence, and Poverty: Empirical Evidence from IFLS Panel Data. (2018)
  21. Study on Alternative Source of Funding for National Health Insurance Program. (2018)
  22. Study on Effectiveness of Promotive and Preventive Program (Chronic Disease Management Program/Prolanis) to Claim Cost and Health Status. (2016)
  23. International Social Protection Studies, in collaboration with GIZ Social Protection Programmes, 2015 and 2016.
  24. International Workshop on National Pension System in Korea, in collaboration with National Pension Services of Korea, 2015.
  25. Various In-house Seminar or Training to Companies on Health Insurance and Employment Security in Indonesia.