National Social Security System Law

Indonesia entered a new era in the implementation of social security with the enactment of Law No. 40 Year 2004 on the National Social Security System/SJSN Law and Law No. 24 Year 2011 on the Social Security Organizing Body/BPJS Law. In accordance with the BPJS Law, the National Health Insurance program was begun on 1 January 2014 organized by the BPJS Health and Work Accident Insurance, Old Age Insurance, Pension and Death Insurance programs organized by BPJS Employment was in full operation since 1 July 2015.

BPJS Health

The new era of this social security implementation is marked by several things. First, the implementation of social security in Indonesia has been based on the same law, the SJSN Law and the BPJS Law. Secondly, there are only two social security organizing bodies, namely the BPJS Health which organizes Health Insurance and the BPJS Employment which organizes four employment insurance programs. Third, the basis of management is no longer as a legal entity seeking profit but as a public legal entity for the benefit of participants. Fourth, the benefit package is the same for all residents. Fifth, membership is compulsory for all residents for health insurance and compulsory for all workers for employment security.

Social Security Programs Better Implementation

The implementation of social security carried out professionally in accordance with the mandate of the 1945 Constitution, the SJSN Law, and the BPJS Law is a necessity that must be implemented. To get the and for the interests of the participants, expertise support from various parties is needed. But unfortunately there is no university-based research center in Indonesia that focuses on social security programs. Therefore, the Center for Social Security Study, University of Indonesia was present to fill the gap. The results of thinking obtained through critical and innovative studies, and carried out professionally are expected to be scientific evidence as a basis in determining the direction of the implementation of social security policies.